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Lunchtime Project

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I've been trying to make a cheap ram air system for my stang. I bought a 5.0 HO air cleaner at a swap meet, cut off the snorkels, added flex hose and hose adapters that would mount behind the grill area. Today I put my test mule through the paces, and measured the airflow in my lab calorimeter against a standard 289 style open element air filter. Both units had standard paper elements. Pictures are below. Here's what I found:

Style - Condition - Airflow @ 5" H2O

289 - Complete Assembly - 758 SCFM
5.0 - Complete Assembly - 480 SCFM
5.0 - Minus Hose Adapters - 470 SCFM
5.0 - Minus Hoses and Adapters - 725 SCFM
5.0 - Complete, Minus Element - 645 SCFM

Keep in mind that I haven't yet tested the carburetor to find out what it can flow. So what have I concluded from this?
There is something to be gained with an improved air filter element and hose design, which I will try in the near future. The duct adapters actually improve flow slightly, probably because they smooth the entry of the air. I will also plug this data into my computer, factor in the difference in inlet temperatures, and see if the loss of airflow is compensated for by the lower intake temps.
The pics aren't good. Don't ask, they just aren't!

ram air with hoses

ram air test set-up

289 open element filter

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Just from the numbers it looks like the hoses are the problem on the 5.0. The inside of that "crinkley" tubing is, on the scale of aerodynamic drag... about ten.........*G*.

To actualy get a test you must have an inlet PSI equil to the dynamic inlet pressure of the car under speed. That's going to be about .2inhg at aprox 80mph depending on where the inlets are placed. .2 doesn't sound like much, but the effect is pretty substantial as far as sweeping the cylinders and can make a good HP boost.

I'd try some smooth tubing and check it again.

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hey i think it looks nice. Hot Rod Mag did an article on making your own once. Your's looks kinda like theirs....

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Actually, 5" H2O is the industry standard test pressure for carburetors, intakes, and air cleaners. I know I'm not acounting for the ram air effect, but I still need it to breath at 5k rpm in first gear when there isn't any significant pressurization, so it needs to flow as well or better than the carb at 5" H2O.

The poster formerly known as JAV65

That's me on the left...
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This one cost $400k.

The poster formerly known as JAV65

That's me on the left...
Speaking of better air flow. I use the Cobra oval style unit on my 289.. is there something I can do to improve the air flow on this setup?
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Put a K&N filter in it!

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Is that what you have in yours? The last time I call K&N they said that they did not have one to fit...can you point me in the right direction?
Chris Hunter
65 A-Code Convertible

The poster formerly known as JAV65

The poster formerly known as JAV65
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