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M/P Motorsports In Florida

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This is kinda a repost from this morning. Anybody know anything about these guys? They seem to have decent prices on some things. You can check out their website at:
They also list on ebay. I've been looking at a cowl ind hood for my stang thats at $259.
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I have been watching for their 65/66 cowl hood to hit the market. I'm going to contact the winning bidder in a few days to get some input on fit and finish. I hope it is a good product. I've been waiting for the right cowl hood to come along before I purchase. Maybe this will be the one. I've heard good and bad about other glass product venders (Maier Racing, Must Unl) so I'm anxious for some good news.

65 FB "J" 302 lots of mods. 94 GT K&N only.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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