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I posted a couple of weeks about the problem I was having with overheating at idle and the garage doing the restore was trying everything non-invasive engine-wise to fix the problem (new radiator, larger fan, shroud, propylene glycol antifreeze, engine flush) but nothing helped. Well it seems the engine had a partially blown head gasket. How partial vs full works I don't know especially since we didn't see any of the symptoms of a blown head gasket.

Keeping with the suggestion of doing a search (aka RTFM), here's what I dug up on the web for newbies like myself.

There are any number of things that'll happen when your blow a head gasket.

Common symptoms:
- Foaming, bubbling, or "gargling" in the radiator.
- Rapid pressure buildup in your cooling system, before the engine has warmed up.
- Some have even reported coolant overflowing from the reservoir bottle because of the pressure.

All these above mentioned symptoms could also be a cracked head. Either way, the head must come off, the gasket replaced, and the head inspected for cracks. At the same time, check both mating surfaces for flatness before putting on a new gasket so you don't have to repeat the job.

Other symptoms of a blown head gasket include:
- White smoke coming from the tailpipe, sometimes intermittently.
- Water in the oil. When they mix, the oil gets a chocolate milkshake appearance.
- Oil in the coolant.
- Cylinder pressure low when using either the wet or dry compression method.
- Cooling system will not hold pressure when statically pressurized.
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