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Hey guys,is it me or has the prices gone thru the roof on the 69/70 mach 1s
i know the cj cars and the boss cars have always been at the top of the list but the 390 and 351 cars??
it seems like a very nice 70 mach with some nice options is going for not much less than a boss 302,
an even the fixeruppers are around 5K now
im not complaining,i have 2 70s, both 351 cars,but im shocked at the prices
whats the deal????

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actually, a VERY nicely restored mach 1 351car is still quite a bit behind a Boss 302 restored in the same condition. there has been quite a bit of discussion on why the 351 cars have started climbing and lot of it hinges on the affordable unavailbility of the 428s and Boss 302s. It all has to do with supply and demand, and right now, the demand is extremely high, with an international market searching for the best examples out there....

1 - 3 of 3 Posts