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mach/boss question

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I'm not great on concours knowledge but I know both of these had the option of the stripes on the hood (the big thick one in the middle with 2 thinner ones surrounding). I know there are stripe kits for this but i was thinking about just having them painted on. As I have posted in other posts, right now I'm thinking laser red metallic with the black stripes on the hood. Were they painted at the factory or was it just a decal? This is the site I was looking at if my description of the stripes doesnt suffice. I was looking at all the pics at the bottom of the page. Thanks guys.

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70 mach 1's have painted on stripes on the hood. You can buy a stencil from a place in florida , dont remember the name but poke around you should be able to find it. The also provide various decals too.

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In 70 Boss and Mach I hood striping differed. What you described "sounds" like the Mach I.

To add to the confusion in 70 there were at least two versions One with the cubic inches in the outer stripe and ones without. Believe Mustang Monthy did an article on the shaker hood stripe and I belive I've got a few pictures of a non-shaker Mach with the stripe and cubic inches. Write me directly (an email) and I'll send back a picture and diamensions if I can find them in this computer somewhere ;)

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