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on my mach1/scoop/lights etc.complete/had no wiring harness/got 1 now/wher does it run from lights///someone said to front signals/is there a factory hookup ther or what do i need to do to make this harness work to hood lights///as always thanks//gary s.

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The hood signal lights connect into the main wiring harness that runs from the firewall to the headlights/parking/turn signals in front. There is a pig tail socket that is factory made. If you have a Mach1 the pig tail is located along side the drivers side hood hinge. It meets the main harness in that area. If you have a car that never had the hood signal option,then you will be splicing into the factory harness. You should get a Haines manual and check the schematic to find the correct wires.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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