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Well, this morning I checked all the connections to the MSD box, coil, and distributor. All were tight. One of the PO's who put in the MSD, coil, and distributor spliced all the wires and used different colors then the original wire he spliced into. So I couldn't find the violet, green, & white wires that boss351 said to use.

I set the key to 'ON' and jumpered the two posts of the Mallory coil and got a spark. Hooked up all the wires and the car started right up. =)

I still don't trust the old parts, so I guess I'll be getting my all MSD setup sooner than I planned. And I'll be rewiring it back to the correct colors. It is so aggrevating when someone splices wires with different colors.

Thanks to pecofjunkar and boss351 for the help.
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