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I was surprised that there was no VMF pool or over/under on whether 66CoupeNW(Dan) and I would make it to Pensacola from Atlanta. Well, we made it in style with a couple of exceptions.

I had told Dan that if it was raining, I wasn't going to take the convertible but when I pulled out of the garage it hadn't rained for at least five minutes so what the heck? On the way to the airport to pick up Dan and sure enough, five minutes later it's pouring. My convertible has never been out in a real rain so my curiosity was quickly satisfied as water started pouring through the top right over the steering wheel and shortly I'm soaked. Did I bring a towel or rag or? Of course not.

Oh well, thankfully., the rain stopped a few minutes later (before I drowned). and I proceeded to the airport. It continued to spit rain all the way to Florida, but it never got wet again.

There was one funny potential doofus event in Alabama. We were about 60 miles outisde of Penscola on Hwy 29 doing about 65 right after dark. All of a sudden we see a "blue light special" ahead about a mile--troopers got some guy pulled over. All of a sudden, with no warning, my headlights quit-about 1/4 from the cop. Let me tell you, it's dark as hell in the country in Alabama. I was about to panic and Dan (who I guess has had the problem before) says, "jiggle the light switch." Whooo, it worked. Wonder what the cop thought?

It did rain during Sat night in Florida but my cowls don't leak so all I got was a little water from poorly lined up windows.

The show was great--lot's of amazingly clean cars. Dan and I were philosophising about whether we woujld want a trailered concourse car or not. Too each his own I guess. So many great cars that it would be hard to pick one best but the cleanest car I saw belonged to Lauries S's friend. A 69 Cal Spec, kind of an unusual green with an really unsual green interior. This car was so clean you would swear that it just rolled off the line.

Great meeting Dan, Laurie S, Dickson and hanging with Midlife a bit. Not enough beers though. But if you are looking for tons of wild women in Pensacola, the Holiday Inn is tops. I thnk we proved our "Old Fart" status by going outside to drink to get away from all the noise and the women.

My car ran great except I ran the P/S dry and it put up a good squeal. By the time I got home I was pretty much cursing the name Flowmaster cause my head took a pretty good pounding. Dan pointed out that maybe one of my pipes was touching the underbody and that might be making it louder.

One funny story from a Concouse friend of mine. He re-did a 65 Shelby for the President of Cragar Wheels to use for Vintage racing. He got it so overrestored that they decdied to show it instead (not at this show unfortunately). They took it to a Shelby show, took Gold and then dropped ti off at the Cragar offices where it now sits--In the conference room. Nice conference table-huh?

Sorry for the long post.

J. Boggs
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