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has anyone seen one of the hoods they have listed as 65-66, with a 67 shelby look scoop? just wondering, i dont want to end up with a big gaudy scoop

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Yeah, they look really sweet, especially if you look straight at them from the front. A nice sized scoop that isn't quite as tiny as the '65-'66 Shelby scoop. I like 'em.


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They work good too. The regular Shelby type scoop is too short.
They don't grab the air. This scoop is farther forward and a little
taller. I have a fresh air set up on this car. I used a old alum.
sign, put a ring of foam to the hood and used the new K&N flow
through top. The car runs cooler with this set up.

It's not a Windsor!

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I Like the camera setup in the back...that rocks. You ought to take some of that footage and convert it to an AVI file or something so we could see some cool movies on the web :)

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