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I was looking at yesterday, specifically at cams, springs, lifters, gasket kits, etc. Seemed to have quite a bit of stuff, and I think I pretty much pieced together what I would need...

On the other hand, several people here have mentioned I should talk with a reputable engine rebuild place locally for parts, as they'll have the block and heads in front of them... So they can recommend the best setup for it...

So, which do most of you recommend? Is it better to order stuff through the engine shop, or does mail order work just as well?

'66, 302-4bbl, Granada disk brakes, etc, etc...

There isn't any problem with ordering from Summit Racing. I know if you buy these part from a shop or an auto store they might raise the price slightly so they can get a percentage.


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The local shops here will match the price within a buck or two! I just give them the business. Besides if you get the wrong part shipped to you, you don't need to send it back!

Plus these guys appreciate your business!

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