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Major BUMMER(rant)

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Well I have relearned on of lifes major lessons this week.NEVER count on anyone,even a frend for anything importand.
For better than 2 weeks I've been planing to go pickup my new 65 Mustang.I't about a thousand miles away,so I was going to hire a hauler to bring it home.I'd just fly out for the loading.A good friend of mine told me to forget about the hauler,because he had acces to an enclosed trailer and a truck to haul it with.We'd make a road trip out of it.Cool I say,I'd rather do it myself and save a few buck's to boot.
Two day's later he tell's me everything is set.We work together so we aranged for vacation day's and talked about the trip daily.we were suposed to leave on Wednesday around 3pm as I was in school for the first 2 1/2 day's of the week.I talked to this friend on Teusday night to make sure every thing was still on track and was informed it was still a go!
Well 3o'clock wednesday comes no truck no trailer and can't get in touch with friend.Finaly about 7:30 get friend on cell phone,seems deal on trailer fell through,but he is working on it and will get back to me.In the mean time I get on the phone and try to come up with one...No luck.Thursday morning still no call back from friend,so I go back to trying to scroung a trailer.No luk finding on to borrow or rent so I ended up buying one.I was going to have to get one anyway to show the car and found a new one for what I was expecting to pay for a used one.Now try to get in touch with friend to tell him I have the trailer,just need the truck.No luck untill 4:00,then he tells me hes still trying to get in touch with the truck owner.(right).
Now starts the surch for a tow vehicle.None of the major company's will let you pull your own trailer on a local rental,but some will on one way moves.To rent a truck local + milage would have been around $500,to rent 2 oneway's around $2K.All the other rental companys larges vehicle was a 1/2 ton pickup and not big enough.So I decided I'd get a local rental and take the chance of being caught.Well come to find out I can't get a reservation on a local on such short notice.Fist come first served on Friday and Saturday.So up at the crack of dawn and hit 5 different places in 45 min.NO trucks available.
Now I'm out of options so I decide to drive around for a little while ,and Lowand behold I find a place that rents conversion vans equipt to tow mobil homes.(E350's).I go in and talk with the owner,The rates are good,but all are rented out and won't have another available for 10 days.There is a chance though that one of the 2 reserved for that day may cancel and he would let me know .
To make a long story short.No call on the van so finally gave up for the time being.will rent a van in 2 weeks to tow my trailer and have to relly on only myself.Also to top thing off the altenator on my F150 wen't out on the way home from the van rental place.
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Man, that stinks. I learned that lesson a long time ago, and now on the rare occasion, I do rely on someone, I will usually set up a back up, or two, or three. At least you found a good deal on the trailer.

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Is this a concours car?

If so, much better IMO to engage the services of a bonded and insured professional vintage vehicle hauler.

Now, if it's something that's a nice Mustang like the ones I own, I would've stuck it on a U-haul trailer or tow dolly (and disconnected the driveshaft). For moving business equipment, I've used Penske and Ryder with good success.

Before I bought my current F250 back in '85, I towed the race car all over the place behind a F150, even with a walk-in box on the front. The truck had the towing package but that was it. I'm guessing you bought an enclosed trailer and that's why you can't tow it with your pickup, yes?

You make a good point though...I've always purchased my own equipment and depend on nobody for important jobs. I also don't lend out my equipment and rarely do similar favors for others, mainly because most folks are always looking for something for least the ones I run into *G*

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.....

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The car is better than concorse....It is as new original with only 10,774 miles on it and has lived its life in an airconditioned basement.It hasen't even seen the sun in over 25 years.
the trailer I picked up is enclosed,and is a 26 footer.The F150 wouldn't make it over the mountains pulling it.
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