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making some progress

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All the hard work is soon to pay off....I hope. I have taken all the components and the engine bay to bare metal, primered and repainted them. So far, everything is going well. Now the reassembly starts, and it should really look like something....what I'm not sure, but definitely something.

Take a look:

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Just curious - how did it go - painting the engine bay with the engine in the car? Is there a reason you didn't pull the engine? I did a rebuilt on my 67 about 10+ years ago, and it should be freshened up again. I'd rather not pull the engine if I dont' have to - figured if you left it in and it went ok, I could do the same.

I couldn't really tell from the pics - is the block already painted, or will you do that next?


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Surprisingly, not too bad. I kind of followed the K.A.R. Mustang example that they have posted on their website. The only area that was tough to get at was the rear left corner with all the brake lines, steering box and M/C. I got at it as best I could from the top, and then crawled under to finish up. In these pics, the block is wrapped in aluminum foil, and is unpainted. I will shoot the block tonight after I mask/drop cloth off the engine bay and suspension parts. Then I reassemble, recheck, recheck some more and cross my fingers that I have no leaks. Bottom line, it was pretty easy because I took everything out except the block w/ heads attached, the steering box and the brake M/C and lines. I painted those for now (which looks good) but they will be replaced soon when I switch to disks and get a Flaming River steering box. The reason I left the block in was because I felt like I could do it well enough without having to invest in a stand or cherry picker. As it is, I have invested over $600 (oh darn!) in tools and gadgets during this project! Hope this helps.

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66' Vintage Burgundy C-code coupe
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