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just picked up a 67fbk with no motor, however it has a mallory electric fuel pump and filter(expensive looking) in the trunk, and a mallory coil and i guess an ignition control. the lines from the trunk i think are just hoses. is it wise to keep it in the trunk? is it wise to keep the mallory in there for a slightly modified big block, (dont know what yet but itll have to be a big block) and is the mallory coil any good, or would it be better just to go with a mechanical fuel pump and a normal coil? and to go with a stainless line instead of a hose. thanx
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The Mallory stuff is all fine. I'd be moving that fuel pump OUT of the trunk, though. It isn't an accident that all cars have the entire fuel system including the lines outside of the car. In case of failure or leak ... you REALLY don't want the leak inside the car ... it just makes for a really bad day /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.

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Anything with the ability to pressurize fuel should be out of the trunk, IMO...

If that stuff is vintage Mallory and hasn't been beat on, it's likely going to last nearly forever...

Fuel hose...yeah SS is best but'll be ok with regular fuel hose as long as the flexible runs are as short as possible...under 6" is my sure to allow for movement...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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