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Man this new forum is slow!!!!!

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And I've got a cable modem, I thought the old forum was getting slow but nothing compared to this one so far.

Does it make a difference if I use flat mode or threaded?

Doug Whisenant

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ya know, I honestly haven't noticed a speed problem with it at all... and I'm on a DSL modem.

I'm operating in flat mode, I think. Yeah, it comes up with all the messages in a row... actually a bit faster, I thought versus the old one... Probably doesn't help I'm like 40 miles from the server. :) Or at least where the owner lives.

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I find it slower..but I thought it was because of the bad weather we on the east coast are I figured it was just me

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I don't notice any difference in speed. Both are slow. But I did cut down the number of posts displayed per page (set in profile) from 100 to 50. Maybe that's why this works for me at the same speed as the old one? Only has to fetch half as many posts at a time.


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I know! Maybe it's because us west coaster's only have half the electricity than everyone else! *LOL*

Doug Whisenant

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Sorry.... Just had to post one more time to get out of that newbie status/forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

Doug Whisenant

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I guess that didn't work!! Hey Dean T, I thought you said 26 post and you graduated? /forums/images/icons/frown.gif

Doug Whisenant

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Yeah, it seems slow to me also. It's way quicker (for me anyway) if I run in "threaded" mode because it doesn't load everybody's picts unless you read their message.

PS, I'm on a T1 line right now, so my connection is not the culprit.

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Could it be all those cookies that is trying to drop on my computer when I pull up your post that's slowing things down???



Alright, Alright, is this any better? Funny though.... your the only one who has complained.

We should have a Mug Shot contest/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Doug Whisenant

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I've noticed it too. Maybe it's because all the pics we have to download now. Damn narcissists! LOL No offense Mr. Magnum.

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It figures.... I guess tripod doesn't work!

Has anyone else had problems with my little man working on his car underneath my user name?

Doug Whisenant

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I don't see anything

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I guess we asked for it, LOL. I hope it doesn't get the VMF bumped off of where ever it is running.

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I thought it was just me. It definitely is MUCH slower, enough that I get tired of waiting for things to happen.

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It sounds like maybe you already had a couple of pitchers, heh! *LOL or did you mean pictures?

Don't mind me... I can't speel wurth a dern!

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I think some of the slowness is due to the pictures embedded in users signatures, etc.
It has to lookup all the remote URLs to embed the picture. If users only used the
thumbnail pic in the profile, then at least users could disable it in their preferences.

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I hate being a newbie. I wanna kick tires.

I am in California, and yes I do notice my screen start to brown out from time to time. I just don't let that B.S. get to me though.

This Forum format seems a little slower. I am on cable and am showing only 50 messages compared to 75 on the old Forum and it still seems slower.

He worked on your original post to this thread and is still there...guess the server doesn't load the pic from your server each time the page is served...

Well, at least no other site tried to unload a cookie on me...*G*

I suspected it may have to do with the images. I haven't notice a difference on my 56K modem but I also run with out the images auto loading - helps my poor ol' Pentium II keep up in a Pentium IV/ Mac world.

Whizco, It was Teebone that became Tire-kicker! I'm still a newbie and have more posts! Boo! Perhaps the software knows more about us than we give credit... *G*


Dean T

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