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Man, you guys are the swellest !!!

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And ladies too! This morning I posted about my dilemma of wanting to restore a Stang with my daughter but being nervous about the safety. I quickly received 25 EXCELLENT, well thought out and written responses. I read a couple to my wife. As I type, my printer is madly printing out ALL 12 PAGES of responses (in color of course, got to get those pretty signature line pictures in there!). Me, wife and daughter will go over these responses and have a heart to heart to heart discussion.

I've completely lost count of how often my life has been enriched over the last couple years by the great folks who frequent this forum. Thanks so much to all of you.

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Hey Dan,

Didn't get in on the advice--although we talked about the car deal on our trip-I am of the opinion that if your daughter is by nature a cautious person, things would be OK. If she's a liitle wild--"No way in Hell."

It's all been said but the modern cars are significantly safer in that they stop better, have more padding, less power, better mileage, etc. Why not just let her drive yours every so often.

J. Boggs
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