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I was bored today, I am waiting on my rod and custom front end, I got the measurement sheet for my 68 to make sure the front frame rails where in spec. Everthing was right on the money.

This kinda got me upset with my Martz 4 link. With my damaged rear quarters and rear tail panel I figured My frame was a little tweeked in back.. It was not at all.

When I put the 4 link in I had to shim the main cross member about 1/4 inch before I could weld it. Then I had to cut down the upper shock mount cross brace about 1/8" to get it in there.

I was about to order a narrowed 9" from Martz but I think I will take my chances on putting one together myself.

Anyone else have problems with Martz? You would think they would go off factory specs, or did they go off a fairlane or something else to get the measurements, or possibly 64-66, 71+ ??

I actually called about the shock brace and he (did not get a name) seemed like it was not possible to him and it should fit just fine. It only took me an hour to fix it so I didn't feel like making a big deal and send it back.
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