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I am going to order a tach for my 68 coupe this week and had a few questions. 1. what is the difference between mechanical and electrical and which is better? 2. is there anyway to make the gauge light up in that green color like the rest of my dash? 3. since i dont have a tach i dont know how high it revs but would i need a 8000 or 10000 rpm tach? i do some street racing and and would like to runthe 1/4 mile?

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A mechanical tach has to be driven off a cable that usually connects to the distributor.
In the old days they were nice because they didn't bounce around so much. To add one to your car
would be an P.I.T.A.. The newer tachs are very good.
Personally I would try to stay far away from 10,000 rpm. I think It would be an exiting loud
short experience.

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