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I found that by inputing 100 threads on my display profile, I got an error message. 99 threads worked ok. I just hope that is sufficient to catch new postings between sessions.

How's everything going over here? The OVMF is pretty much a sitting duck, with not much action. And Bob thought that no one would jump to the new site! *LOL*
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thanks for investigating that one for us. i tried 100 and got the error, then went to 50 (it worked), but was not going to keep working my way up to the maximum-glad i didnt try.
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I love this new format!! I'm here to stay. Now you have to get to another umpteen thousand posts all over again. hehehe.

No photo?? How about a photo of the new garage?? How's that going?

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Having to read two forums, work, welding classes sorta robs me of precious time. I'm going to overhaul a lot of stuff this weekend. Maybe I'll have pics of the garage drawings...

Let me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting!
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