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I went to install me new booster and MC yesterday and ran headfirst into a wall. The
manual brake MC was attached through the firewall to the pedal bracket using two
bolts into captive nuts on the bracket. But the booster has fixed threaded studs
in place of the holes for bolts like the old MC. So how do I install this thing?
Do I need a different pedal bracket in addition to the new pedal? Do I use
the old bracket and just chisel off the captive nuts?

And on a related note, if I understand this right, the new power brake pedal has
the stud that connects to the MC/booster a couple of inches lower on the pedal arm.
But that puts the piston to the booster at a really steep angle. Is that right? Shouldn't
that piston be more or less perpendicular to the booster? I'm confused....

'67 C-code 'vert (Dees67)
'69 GT FB (project car)
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On my 69 I had to change the pedal support the pedal and the brake light switch. I seem to remember I had to drill a couple of new holes in the firewall to mount the booster
Oh, that pedal bracket is a real PIA to install

Greg B

I have switched to power disc brakes in my sons 68, we drilled out the holes in the fire wall to mount the booster, I have a disc brake pedal, supposed to be from a 68, but I can't get it to mount in the MB bracket, and if it did it looks like it will rub on the collapsable column. So I am going to try a new bracket, unless someone has a better idea.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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