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I agree this would be devastating to the majority of Mustang owners out there who enjoy showing their cars, but don't have cars at that caliber. It seems lately too that a lot of folks are steering clear of the MCA shows because of the strict class rules. Lots of folks just like driving and showing their cars and talking to other Mustangers. I've been a member of MCA since the mid 80's, but lately I'm starting to enjoy cruise-ins and show and shines more and more vs. the MCA shows. I think this is a growing trend too. Case in point: a show held last year in the Northwest. On Saturday, there was an MCA judged show and on Sunday, there was a peoples choice show. The people's choice show blew the MCA judged show away (by hundreds of cars if I recall correctly). The magazines mentioned the numbers, but I was surprised that none of them addressed why the disparity in numbers. I can't believe that the MCA would decide to go this route without polling their members--I haven't, nor has our local Mustang club's MCA rep, heard of this rumor.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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