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MCA Website Update

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A question was asked about the new MCA website last week so here's the current info. It is supposed to come online around July 15. There have been some problems and it was thought it is better to not have it crash immediately upon its unveiling. Sure wish we could have gotten Red5 involved.

MCA is in the process of mailing out info to members about accessing the website, which will have some member's only sections. You will receive an initial password, which you can change the first time you log in, as on VMF.

I will have more MCA updates on other items next week, including some new opinion polls. There is a lot going on that members need to know about. Even though VMF does not sit highly in several board members' opinions, this site is being closely watched by anonymous lurkers. Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.
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They can love us or hate us; makes no difference. But generally I would hope we are all interested in Mustangs and the preservation of the Mustang.
The core of the VMF is highly knowledgeable and helpfull as a rule; and one would think that would be a good thing for everybody involved. We can serve as an irritant or as a source to them if they're willing to use it.
Or if they don't like us, as one of my professors once said " They can go P$#@ up a rope" it's their loss in the long run.

I read Bill Johnson's letter in the latest Mustang Times. It sounds as though he's not mincing words for those few board members who are resisting the winds of change. He asks us to write in to the board with recommendations and suggestions. Although he is not being specific in his criticism of the old schoolers, it sure would be helpful to understand exactly what is going on there. Is there any way we can find out more specifically what the beef is so that we know how to help?
My thoughts exactly!
Bill came into office with five goals in mind:

1. To respect the founders and workers who have made the MCA into the great club it is.

2. A belief in the future, with the promise that the Regional Clubs will have a voice in the conduct of the MCA.

3. That this organization will be run as a business, with a financially balanced budget.

4. That we promote road events, show events, and track events.

5. That we develop a 5-year-plan to increase the regional groups by 25 percent and the membership by 100 percent.

You will notice what his Number One goal was, and I emphasize the word "was." At the April board meeting, false accusations were made against Mr. Johnson by certain individuals. I will not say what the accusations were nor who made them, in respect to his wishes. Basically, it was an unfounded and shameful attack on his integrity. Evidence quickly came to light of the inaccuracy of the charges that were made.

As a direct result of that attack, Bill decided it was time to move on to his four other goals for MCA. That is why he wrote that column. Please, respond to his request for input. I know he has already received several responses, and they are heartening. The president of MCA is listening to the membership. Tell him what you want to see happen with our club.
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Thanks for the update Laurie. IMO, the membership electing you to the board was a very shrewd and foward-looking move...the medium we VMF'ers operate and communicate in isn't the future, it's the present; I'm glad you made the MCA aware of it.

Keep up the good work!
I'll send him a note.
Thanks for the update Laurie, this is just what we needed a member of VMF on the inside of MCA to open their eyes & keep us updated.
Thanks for the moral support, Pat, I appreciate it. I've taken a lot of heat from certain board members and been either the recipient, or target of, some rather nasty e-mails. Doesn't bother me in the least and neither does the fact that several long-time board members have yet to even speak to me. I figure it's their loss. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

I will continue to work for the benefit of the entire MCA membership and not just a select few. That was my platform, and that is my goal while a board member.
You're welcome! I'll do my best to keep VMF members updated; however, sometimes I can't provide details the way I'd like to due to the lurkers, but I will try to keep everyone informed as much as possible as things happen.
I also read with great interest, Bill's letter and have passed it on to others to read. With The Great American Pony Drive II, we are putting our $$ where our mouths are. We are applying to MCA to be the 1st "at large" club and we hope to promote MCA as we have fun going across the country. We want to show that MCA is more than a magazine and car shows. The number of Pony Trails is growing, as with other "fun" events. We're also working with Mustangs in Motion to coordinate 4 other groups going TO Charlotte, in 2004. We are coming from Florida, but hope to see MIM runs from the SW, NW, NE, and Mich areas. We may be a "short-lived" activity, but I hope we can help start something that will help transform the hobby for everyone.
Thanks very much for the update. I realize you're sitting in a sometimes difficult position of faithful VMF'er and elected MCA member so you can't always speak freely. I and many of us here respect your situation and greatly appreciate all you do for us! (Gee, isn't politics great? /forums/images/icons/wink.gif )
Here's an idea you could share, for the new web presence of the MCA there could be an offical "transcript" section of all the board meetings! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif Gee, I wonder how that would go over?
Best of luck and thanks again,
Just in case anyone is wondering, the five goals that I posted are verbatim from Bill Johnson's welcoming speech at the June 11th MCA Board meeting. I'm not his spokesperson by any means, just reporting the facts. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
The Old Pueblo Mustang Club in Tucson is looking forward to participating and leading the drive from the Southwest. I may even be driving my 68 fastback for this event. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Funny you should mention that. It was voted on and passed at the June 11th meeting that the minutes, once approved by the board, will be posted on the new website. Great minds think alike! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
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