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I have a mechanical fuel pump from an 85 carb 5.0 Mustang that I was planning to use. It has the normal input and output lines but there is a third line that I do not know what do to with. Any advise? I am assuming that it is a return line back to the fuel tank. Can I just block it off?

Just to clarify, I am running a 600 CFM carb.

Thanks in advance

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When converting SWMBO's 86 2.3 to a carbed 302, my brother in-law gave me a spare pump for his 85 GT. The return line bugged me for a while, but I ended up blocking it off. Eventually I replaced it with an older style pump. It worked fine, but I was paranoid about my block-off failing and it gushing fuel all over the left header. Think about it.
If you decide to use it, make sure your block-off is good and solid. I heartily recommend using a different pump. the one I ended up using was meant for a 78 F150 302.
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