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Hey guys I know this is short notice but I have a detail day reserved for the SoCal BMC guys. Well it has not filled up yet and they have opened the class to all Meguiar's Online forum members. I am throwing this out there for any of you that may want to attend with the Late Models......
This will happen on the 19th at 8 AM in Irvine, CA.
You will need to sign up for their forum, then reply to the post with your real name and Meguiars forum screen name. Mike Phillips will add you to the list. It will be good info from a class company. Anyway here is the link.

Be aware there is a maximum of 35 people in the class. There are about 7 spots left.
Detail Day Sign Up Link


My group down in San Diego will be meeting at 6 AM outside the Target in Mission Valley to caravan up there. You are welcome to meet there and drive up if you want.

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