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does anyone know of a way i can find out what is killing my memory on my PC? i just installed 256MB of RAM into it and now that i'm up to 384 MB it still crashes almost as quick as when I had 128. is there a program that can detect what is sucking up my resources? any help would be greatly appreciated...

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In windows 98.....Memory monitor
go to ...Start...programs...accesories...system tools...
Click on Memory should put a little green
icon in the task bar click on it to start program.


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Are you absolutely sure the issue is physical memory? There are several video cards that suffer from memory "leaks" as well. Primarily, the older tritan chipsets are pretty bad. Especially if you are running NT or 2000. The video card problem can also cause system crashes.

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What software are you running? Do you have all the software patches and upgrades? I remember a version of Windows95 that wouldn't release memory too had to get the patch to fix this...

Why did you buy 256MB more memory? Were you getting memory full errors or was the PC "bluescreening" with an error?

My PC was acting up so I increased the memory. Didn't help...I had to do a rebuild (reinstall the operating system)...during the rebuild I noticed I was still having problems so I went back down to 128MB...after the install my PC has been running fine. Added the other memory to go to 256MB and my system would crash...come to find out my motherboard can't handle that much memory even though the specs say it can...oh well...sold the memory...PC is running fine at 128MB...

I'll be going on vacation so I won't be able to keep up with this until the week of Apr 23rd...if you are still having a problem, feel free to contact me...Guy(NH)

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go here and make sure you don't have a bunch of junk running and sucking up your memory.

It it probably this, and not a memory leak.

In Win98 clic on the following:
System tools
System information
When the System Information window opens, click on tools
Then select, System Configuration Utility
When that opens select the Startup tab, and un-check all the programs you don't want to start at boot up.

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go to start, run
in the box labelled open, erase everything there and then type in MEM
click ok
if the conventional memory has less the 600 then your browser will eventually lock up. Everything in windows uses a 640 k window to operate through
if this is too low, you can fix it by taking some things OUT of your startup tray. I'd personally contact the tech support of your computer manufacturer if the computer is less then a year old,... it should still have free tech support then.

otherwise you can look at the startup tray by going to start->programs->startup on a windows machine usually.

ps, will trade computer info, and art for a rear end bodt rebuild;)

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