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I'm up late tonight standing over a heat vent after draining the water heater in a hot, hot shower. Chills so bad my muscles ache.
Right now two pairs of fuzzy sox and big heavy robe. Chills finally starting to subside. 800 mg of motrin in me too.

Sooooo, spent past two days shopping. Other than crazy traffic and long line, actually enjoyed it. Wasn't planning to do much but went overboard.

Sooo, what else am I doing up at night?
Planning my club, NUMOA's, January activities.
Anyone interested?

Jan. 4 - 2008 officers meeting. My house, planning our year long agenda of activities. I'm the Pres. want this to be good.
Jan. 12 - Grand National planning meeting. We are well on our way. Real exciting stuff happening!
Jan. 17-22 - NUMOA will have an eight car display at the Motor Trend Auto Expo. I organized the display, but won't have a car in it. We decided on a Restomod theme. All eight cars are pretty heavily modified.
Jan. 29 - Indoor kart racing. This should be fun!

You are all welcome to participate if you're in the area.

So the year is starting out really well, if I can "shake" the chills!

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