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Message to CFII Attendees

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As for those of us would could not make CFII, we will patiently await you posts and pictures!!! As for all you guys and gals who did.... Have a SAFE Return Trip Home Today!!!!
As for Midlife, since he has been the instigator of many practicle jokes, Bob or someone else should arrange to have his shorts check at airport security!!!! hehehe!
Have a safe trip everyone!!!!!!
70 76B COnvert 351 C4v w/a shaker!!!!!
"baby" any day now!!!!!
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I will post my pictures in the next day or two when I get back home. With a 24K modem connection from my laptop, I'm not about to try to upload my digital pics from the event.

I recall how last year for CF1 that VMFers didn't believe it really happened until those who attended posted the pics after the event to their websites. Maybe we're all pulling your legs again and I'm not really in Des Moines! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif I guess that if we wanted to pretend to be somewhere else, we'd pick someplace like Ft Lauderdale during Spring Break or something /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

I went to Porky's last night to meet up with you guys and no body was there!
so maybee this is a hoax????
or maybe I just came too late?
I sure miss my JR but sure love the new driveway.
midlife in my junior at CFI
Mustang Junior webpage
We switched and went to a cruise night over at the Pizza Palace in West Des Moines. It was a late decision - we were wondering where you were!!!

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