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met a VMF`r yesterday!

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i needed a few things for the vert. yesterday, so i packed up SWMBO and the rats and headed off to Mustangs Unlimited in Conn.
i dropped them off at a JC Penny outlet (right around the corner) and list in hand headed off!
as i was perusing the used and blem parts, yes i use them . i heard another customer make reference to an old Mustang website.
being the shy person that i am, i went and asked if he hung out there. sure enough, it was martinj. we had a nice little talk, unfortunately the only thing running wide open were our wallets!
and the only rubber being burnt was the check i wrote! (just kidding, it`s covered)
it was fun putting a face to a name, i look forward to meeting more of you guys and girls!
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Si I'm at MU in CT with SWMBO picking up odds and ends when a rather shady character in the corner says "Psst - buddy - you hang out in that internet forum". Well SWMBO says to be careful - you know all the stuff that's been in the papers lately about internet forums and stuff.
Well it turns out it's midpack and he's a very pleasant guy, and not so shady. We talked for about 10 minutes or so about our projects and went on our way.
It was a pleasure meeting you midpack - and it's great to put a face with a name.
ps I'll drop you a note with a list of the items I have left when I'm done.
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