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I was in my driveway today finishing off the engine bay paint, when a Ford truck pulled in behind my 65. Lo and behold, a fellow VMF'r stepped out and introduced himself. I had emailed with Steve (68GT390FB4sp) before and told him to stop by. Had a nice talk about things Mustang and then he helped me push my FB back in the garage.

So it's great to meet someone from the board. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other in the months to come.

Hopefully, my engine and tranny will be going back in this weekend and he won't have to push next time.

65 FB "J" 302 lots of mods. 94 GT K&N only.

Nice to meet you.
It's hard to believe that we live less than a mile from each other. Looking forward to seeing you and that beautiful Stang around this Summer. I'm sure there will be reason to discuss more Mustang matters over some cold beverages in the future.

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There is such a fine group of people on this forum, it's always an honor and a pleasure to meet all of them. I've met several of the VMFers and found out a few months ago that 66gt350 and me live about 8 miles apart ... since then we've helped each other on several occasions, joined the same club, etc. (too bad he's moving to Redding, though *LOL*!

I've enjoyed chatting in person with all the VMFers I've met so far, and am sure will enjoy meeting more.

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