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Need more help.
Is there a knock out hole in the firewall that accepts the rubber boot for the clutch pedal rod ?

I also installed an after market power brake set up from Master Brake Inc do you think I will have a clearance problem with the Rod Equalizer to the Equalizer Lever.

I live in Michigan and will be starting this conversion in about 2 weeks and have a big favor to ask you.

Would you consider giving me your E-mail address so I may contact you direct instead of going thru the Forum I promise I will not bother you more that 1000 times.
Dennis (E-Mail [email protected])

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Yes there is a hole already in place for the pedal rod. It knocks out quite easily and the boot fits into the hole. You shouldn't have any clearance problems as long as the kit was made to fit a Mustang. Just to be sure I would first get the z-bar into position to see if you have any issues. The frame rail is already tapped to accept the z-bar pivot, which can be bought new. Also you have to have an older engine block as new 5.0 style blocks don't have the cast-in provision for the other z-bar pivot. If you do have a new block, you can buy a bolt-on pivot that mounts to the bellhousing bolts.

You can reach me at [email protected]. I would be glad to help you out. I just got my computer working at home again, so I'll try to remember to check in on you over the weekends. Michigan, ehh? I hope you're working inside. Have fun!

65 Fastback 289 4spd in storage :-(
91 CRX Si... A.K.A. my go-kart with AC!
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