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21.5 Miles per Gallon.

Since I put the 4R70W in my convertible a lot of people have been asking what kind of mileage I get. Well...I never bothered to check it so I didn't know.

Yesterday, I drove down to Nashville, TN and today I drove back. Most of it was on the interstate...but some was in and around Nashville. On the interstate I was NOT trying to get good mileage. I was trying to keep up with traffic...which seems to run about 80 in Tennessee and 75 in Kentucky.

Anyway specs are:
'65 Convertible. 289. Holley 4160 600CFM 4V. AFR aluminum heads, Comp Extreme Energy Cam, Roller Rockers, JBA Headers, Flowmasters, etc.
AOD-E/4R70W Transmission (.7:1 Overdrive with Lockup T/C)
2.80 8" open rear axle (Denver I haven't put that 3.55 posi in yet! I'll install it once the weather gets poor!)

As I said, I was pretty happy with that figure. Before the tranny swap I got 12 - 14. I'm sure I could do even better if I tried...but frankly...I'd rather drive hard and have fun.

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