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Received this at home tonight from Nor-Cal Shelby list:
Make sure and read the part about FORD PERFORMANCE
(Some clipping done on my part!)

...tick...tick...three days and counting.

As mentioned in the Car Show Flyer mailed to you this week,
Infineon has restricted some of our paddock access until an
undetermined hour on Friday afternoon. This is why we moved
the car show. This will also restrict access to paddock parking in some portions of the paddock on Thursday and Friday. It is a contractual thing beyond our control.

For this reason, and to avoid a tangled paddock, general reserved paddock parking is hereby canceled for regular paddock spots.Starting Late Thursday, the Paddock/Vendor Committee will park you on a first come first serve basis as paddock space in available. PLEASE cooperate with those committee members. They have a tough job.

If you want to park next to a friend, please work with the paddock parkers and let them know you are reserving a spot for your friend until they arrive. Cones may be available to help you with that task.

Vendors only will be parked in their reserved area. Please park as directed by the committee so that your display is facing toward the center PedestrianAisle/Fire Lane. This will make for a nice Vendor Expo for all to enjoy.

Reserved Paddock Area A is for Mini Nats Committee, Lunch Table Horse Shoe and special VIP attendees only. Do Not park there unless directed to do so by the Paddock Committee.

Your Paddock Committee will be working hard to assist you. Please give them a smile, your cooperation and if you have extra time you can volunteer to help.

You should have received a flyer about the revised location and times by now. The location is past the paddock entrance and up the hill on the right. It is a VERY NICE large flat paved area. There will be signs and help to get you there. The approximate location is also on that new paddock map just mailed to you. There is also a nice paved road going up (or down from) to the car show from the back of the paddock at Area E.

During the car show, you can use that road to walk to and from the car show. Due to the Friday Auto-X in Area E, please DO NOT drive on that road and cause congestion with the Auto-X.

Some phone calls have wondered about the quality of the access to the Car Show Lot. Access is paved all the way up the hill and into the Car Show Lot. No gravel, etc., so not to worry!

You may have a friend that has a nice Mustang or other Ford Performance Vehicle that wants to attend and watch Mini Nats on Saturday and Sunday. That same lot where the Car Show is on Friday will be set aside for them on Saturday and Sunday.

Please pass this information on to any who need it.
Thank you for your cooperation. See you at Mini Nats XX.

Jan Eric Orme ~ CEO Mini Nats Dos Equis
"Work like you don't need the money, love like you
have never been hurt and dance like no one is watching."

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NorCal was in charge of the corral at the historics and did an outstanding job. We had 15 BOSS 302's that they were not expecting (communication mix-up) and they still managed to park us together! Should be fine.

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