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Unfortunately, the sale of my GT fastback to a fellow in the UK fell through due to family illness. :(

So, it's back available.

We had agreed on a price of $22,000, which included a new, never-installed Cobra "T" oil pan.

You can see photos and all the specific information at the old flea-bay auction# 2419965674. There's also a website set up, and the web address is listed in the auction info.

I put a ton of work into it during the 3 year restoration where no option or expense was spared, and it's really a great car. I'm selling because I want to move on to other projects and SWMBO say's I can't keep them all (and she's right!). ::

If you have questions, or need more information, please email me at [email protected], PM me here, or call my direct office number (504) 588-2923. Thanks - Dickson
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