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HOWDY!!! Here are some parts I have to trade!!!

(1) NOS shifter boot- Part #C5ZZ-7277 For 64-68 Man. Tran.
(1) Used 1967 Instrument Cluster- Bezel is in good shape, but the chrome is faded. Stud on back of fuel gauge is cut down, missing some screws for bezel. Overall very nice shape.
(1) Used 1966 Hubcap- Standard, with a few minor scratches. Very Good shape.
(2) Used 1969 Hubcaps- Standard, with a few minor scratches, one has a small dent, less than the size of a dime. Good shape.
(2) Used 1968 Upper Control Arms- Both good rebuildable cores, not damaged. Need repainted. Includes used ball joints and control arm shafts.
(1) Used 1969-1970 Steering Wheel- Very nice pad and rim, a few small and minor cracks on back side of wheel where the 2 spokes meet the rim, merely cosmetic, not structural. Overall in Very Good condition.
(1) Used 1967 Heater Control Panel- Has all levers, wiring, knobs, and switches. A few small pits in chrome, scratches in black paint. Good Condition.
(1) Used 1967-1968 Remote Mirror- Chrome is nice and shiny, but has many small pits in chrome. Glass in very nice. Good condition.

I am very critical of the parts I sell or trade, and am very honest with the descriptions. If you are interested in these parts I ENCOURAGE you to e-mail me for more info on them. No point in you getting a part you won't like or use. All of these parts are in great shape for that daily driver or for the car that doesn't have the parts at all. None of these parts are junk and should be thrown away, they just aren't perfect (except the NOS shifter boot). Anyway, if you see something you need, here is a list of things I am looking for.

1968 Mustang seats- Standard, I don't care about condition as long as they are complete and solid.
1968 Mustang Quarter Panel ornaments

1968 Mustang Quarter Panel reflectors (late 68 style)

Vintage Honda Motorcycle Parts (CL100 and CB350, as well as NC50 Express parts to be specific)

1940's to 1960's Girls bicycle.

Anyway, please feel free to contact me if you want to make a deal!!! THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!
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