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A list of some of the parts I have aquired; all for sale

64- 1/4 panel end caps; 2 pass, 3 driver
65- 1/4 panel end caps; 3 pass
69 pass side scoop
67 hood scoops, pair
67 FB end cap, pass, w/trim clips
67 coupe/conv pass end cap w/trim clips
67 coupe/conv driv end cap w/trim clips
67 2 coupe/conv driv end cap w/o trim clips
67 dr side air inlet, int & ext
69 kick panels, black
61 falcon headlight bucket
C9M8-10C876 dash plate with switch and 4 indicator lights
D0DA radio bezel
70 Maverick end caps, pair
C9OB end caps, pair
C6OB end caps, pair
D0DB end caps, pair
C7GB end cap & tail light assembly
70GB end caps, pair
C9ZB Dr end cap
D0ZB Dr end cap
D0OB dr end cap
C6GB dr end cap
D1OB pass end cap
C9WB pass end cap with cougar emblem and trim
C7WB end caps, pair
C7WB dr end cap w/trim
D0WC pass end cap
67 tail light bezels, many
C3ZB red marker light & bezel
64,65,66 tailight bezels
67 Mustang heat controls/vent unit, excellent chrome
67 Mustang pass vent unit, excellent chrome
67 auto shifter assembly
69 Mach 1 center AC outlet
69 Cougar center AC outlet
70FE driver tailight assembly
D0GB rear marker lights & bezels
68CT rear marker lights & bezels
D0GB front marker lights and bezels
D0ZB front marker lights and bezels
D0GB parking light assemblies
1969 mach 1 sport mirror

Contact; [email protected]
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