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I have some brand new parts that are left over from my last engine build up....I changed my mind mid stroke....

All parts are for a SB engine and brand new....

Lakewood Steel Bellhousing painted black, part #15200, ($275 in Jegs) - $200
Lakewood Steel Blockplate painted black, part #15726, ($55 in Jegs)- $25

Hays 164T Steel Flywheel (28oz), part #12-735, ($330 in Jegs) - $200

Hays Long Style Pressure Plate part #37220 that was balanced with above flywheel ($180 in Jegs) - $100

Accel Electronic Mechanical (no vac advance) Distributor with tach drive, that was blueprinted by Nelson Specialties, part #711023, not in current catalogue - needs an MSD box, or similar. Shaft is in ball bearings and good to 10,000RPM. The current version is selling for $300+.....I would like to get $150.

2 Mallory "YL" style dual point distributors. One with Vacuum advance and one with all mechanical advance - $50ea.

Dyna-Gear Gear drive - $65

All parts would be plus shipping. If you don't like the price, make me a reasonable offer......

"E" mail at [email protected]
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