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I was inspired by this thread...

So, after months of searching I found a 4R70W complete from TC to yoke for $360. I had to jump on it! However, it was from a '01 GT V8 (Modular engine), so the bolt pattern didn't match the SBF in my '65. A few weeks latter I found an empty V6 (SBF bolt pattern) transmission case for cheap, so I could swap the internals. Since I would be opening up the transmission anyway, I would go ahead and rebuild/upgrade/mod it. Along with the rebuild kit, I got a J-Mod kit (faster and firmer shifts and longer service life) with an upgraded thicker separator plate for the valve body and a new oil pan with drain plug.

Anyway, I found a nice surprise when I started the tear down. The end plate of intermediate clutch pack was stamped "4R75", which means I actually have the stronger internals of, well, a 4R75W!!! This means that my future engine plans will not destroy this transmission. There were a few parts that need to be replaced that I didn't have on hand, so, I had to just loosely reassemble the transmission for storage until those parts come in.

I'm excited to get this transmission installed! I'll be combining this with a Holley Sniper EFI, and a locking diff. with 3.55 gears. My '65 has always been fun to drive, but with these upgrades, it will be even better!
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