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Mobil 15W50 synthetic!

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After the motor is well broken in I would like to change to synthetic oil. I know this topic comes up at various times but what do the race guys think of synthetic?

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One thing, it's 15W-50 synthetic. Good stuff from what all I've read. Right up there with the Amsoil. Better heat transfer, more detergents, better lubricity, and you the best part is the extended drain intervals.

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I use a Quaker State 20W50 High Performance in mine. The stuff in the clear bottles with the little race car on them. But I don't have to deal with cold temps here in Texas. Just go with whatever you feel comfortable with and if you don't like it you can always change it. Heath M
We run it in our track cars. I truly believe in it. The motor runs
cooler and makes less noise. Most every one at the track runs
some sort of synthetic oil. We use Mobil 1-15/50.
We also run Mobil 1 gear oil in the trans. and rear.
I get ours an Kragen, it is cheap insurance for a expencive motor.
Try it-You'll like it
I swear by it, I run it in both my cars, 15-50 in the summer and 10-30 in the winter... I've ran it in the Mach since I've bought it so I really can't compare, but in my Talon's turbo engine it makes 100% noticable difference; less coking in the turbo bearings, quieter lifters, and increased turbo life. It also doesn't need changed quite as often, and really cleans an engine out. I also run a Mobil 1 Synthetic filter on the Talon and am very pleased w/ it, but they're expensive, I run the big coffee can Motorcrafts on the Mach.


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After the first 1000 miles on the K-Car, I converted to 5W30 synthetic and the Mobile One filter. Both are expensive of course but I think worth it. I believe both GM and Chrysler use the stuff as factory fill on new Vettes and Vipers.

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I've used synthetic for over 20 years and love it. The Mobil 1 bottle used to say to change oil every year or 24,000 miles. I could tell many good stories about synthetic from my own experiences.
Synthetic or even a semi-synthetic is far superior over prtrolium based oils. But if you have even the slightest hint of an oil leak, the synthetic will let you know.
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