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"Classic Fords, Mercurys, and even Lincolns are great-looking rides with exceptional styling and a huge following. They're also well documented in the power and performance department. Remember, Ford is the only domestic automaker ever to have won Le Mans, doing so three consecutive times in the '60s and trampling on Ferrari in the process. After three consecutive Le Mans wins, Ford had nothing else to prove. So if you have a classic Ford with lots of power, how do you fully exploit it? Via Total Cost Involved's '65-'70 Mustang Cougar torque arm rear suspension system. It's a good place to start.

Here's the entire Torque Arm suspension package from TCI, with the exception being the 9-inch Ford axle assembly, which is separate. As you can see, brackets need to be welded to a 9-inch Ford housing, which is the only specialized welding necessary. This is more than just a torque arm suspension system, it also employs super stiff subframe connectors and a crossbrace with a driveshaft safety loop. Torque arm, links, Panhard bar, and adjustable coilover shocks provide unequaled stability in a bolt-on suspension system.

If you're rubbing your eyes after reading the words "bolt-on," don't. This is the genuine article-a bolt-on Torque Arm suspension system you can install in your home garage with jackstands, a floor jack, and simple handtools. You will also need a 9-inch Ford rear axle (not included) that has been properly set up for the TCI torque arm system.

Here's What You Get
Frame Stiffener (also called subframe connector)
Torque Arm Bar with telescoping end (adjustable for proper pinion angle)
Reinforcement Plates
Subframe Connectors
Driveshaft Safety Loop
1.25" thick link bars with bushed ends
Adjustable link bars for easy pinion angle changes
Frame Brackets & Hardware
Adjustable Panhard Bar
Coilover mounts
Adjustable Coilover Shocks

Here's What You Can Also Get (Options)
Anti-roll bar
Huge 12, 13 or 14-inch Wilwood Disc Brakes
Air Spring Suspension (air bags)
Complete 9-inch Ford Rear Axle Assembly(standard or F9)
Clutch or gear type posi
Billet Coilover Shocks(single or double adjustable)
Chrome Coils
Polished coilovers
Polished stainless link bars and panhard bar

This rear framerail bracket is first, as shown. Because it uses the forward leafspring mount bolt, location is indexed off of this bolt. Bolt the bracket in place snugly, but not tight, and drill the three mounting holes using a 7/16-inch drill bit. Begin with a small 1/4-inch pilot hole. Use the Grade 8 hardware provided to secure the bracket.

Subframe connectors are next. They bolt in on both ends at the front and rear framerails. We suggest welding in the side connectors for improved integrity. The crossbrace and driveshaft safety loop should never be welded in. It has to be removed from time to time for driveline access.

This is the upper shock mount, which is installed next. On the left side it retains the shock mount only. On the righthand side it also has a mount for the Panhard bar. This piece attaches two ways-through the framerail and through the trunk floorpan on both sides.

Subframe connectors attach at rear frame brackets with two through bolts, like this.

Once the subframe connectors are bolted through the floorpan as shown, framerail bolt holes are drilled like this. For a bolt-on system, this is rock solid. Again, welding these pieces is optional but a good idea for optimal strength.

The crossbrace is fit-checked and installed.

In front, side subframe connectors install like this. They bolt across the framerails and through the floorpan via a reinforcement plate on top. Welding the side subframe connectors is an option, but not mandatory.

Once the subframe connectors are anchored top side, bolt holes should be bored across the framerail like this, via two holes in each subframe connector. These provide an attachment point for the crossbrace and driveshaft safety loop.

We like this driveshaft safety loop incorporated into the crossbrace.

The included control arms are installed next, as shown. The control arms are adjustable in this kit and will help with suspension setup.

The torque arm attaches at the differential's pinion. The bracket is installed first, then the torque arm itself. View Related Article ***NOTE*** THIS DESIGN IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE *SEE BELOW FOR NEW DESIGN*

This rear framerail bracket assembly mounts to the subframe connector and where the forward leafspring mount would be. These will support control arms (sometimes called trailing arms) tied to the rear axle.

This is the complete subframe with crossbrace assembly installed. We're now ready to move on to the torque arm and rearend install.

This is a Currie 9-inch Ford axle assembly being jockeyed into position for installation. Currie built this axle with all the correct brackets for our TCI torque arm system. You can order a fully set up 9-inch directly from TCI when ordering your suspension. Other options include disc brakes and more. *Refer to your TCI Torque Arm installation manual for mounting the coilover and panhard bar bracket dimensions*

The completed installation looks like this. There's also an adjustable sway bar(optional), which has been installed to complement our torque arm suspension system. If you're going racing, be it drag or road racing, there's just nothing quite like this system for stability and control. The adjustable Panhard bar has its Heim joint on the left hand side and is easy to get to.

Our Currie axle is lined up and tied to the control arms. Careful attention is paid to getting the torque arm lined up with the crossbrace attachment point.

Ed Moss, founder of TCI, attaches the control arms and Panhard bar. Optional Billet Adjustable TCI coilovers are installed next.

Adjustable coilover shocks are tweaked two ways. Coils are adjustable for ride height. Valving is adjustable here via the control knob.


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I assume this can be had minus rear shocks? I ask because I have the DSE front subframe and would like to get JRI's for the back.

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That thing looks awesomely wicked, you guys should put one on mine so that i can advertise for you! What do you say? :shrug: The color is perfect even.
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