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Monte Carlo Bar and Distributer out !

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Some advice and a question.

I installed a straight monte carlo bar on my 67, 289. The bar runs right over the distributer, specifically over the center of the distributer with about enough clearance to allow about 1 mm to the top of the coil wire boot on the cap. So I'm sitting on the interstate, middle lane of three lanes, in gridlock, 100 degrees outside and the car dies !!!! what the H......manage to push the car to the side, call a tow truck then open the hood to check things out. Turn the ignition key on and then bypass solenoid with screw driver to crank engine over, what do I see..........a huge spark, blasting through the top of the coil wire boot onto the monte c bar ! Jurry rig a protector, start the car and make it home.

I know I need the curved type of bar but I don't have the cash. Do they make a shorter dist cap or would it be possible to cut off about 1/4" from the coil wire lead on the distributer cap to allow the coil wire to sit further away from bar ????? Anyone ever run into this ?
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Park the car for a week. The money you save in gas use to buy a new bar.
The same thinh happened to me the sparks were "arching" to the Monte Carlo Bar.

I replaced it with a curved bar and now there are no sparks and I can access the distributor and wires much more easily.

As for the money... not to many options, remove the old bar until you can afford a curved one. I'm sure your front end won't collapse in the meantime.

When I remove my Monte Carlo bar the car runs better (acceleration) when replaced it makes noticably less power. My current choices are more power or better handling. The bar I have is an adjustable aluminum one that I prefer to keep; any ideas on what would work as an insulator?
I run a MSD distributor and cap. Solution is to use existing bars end brackets has template and make your own bar a located about 2 1/2" forward of the existing. Triangulate the bracket ends for set and your set. Don't care much for the curved bar, as the curve will flex. Bob.
If you have the tall motor mounts, you can replace them with the shorter mounts.... Careful with the fan and shroud!
With conventional ignition, quality cap, wires and boots, there should be no sparking even if the wires are touching. If you're getting this be sure your wires are in good shape; they are not either cheap, old wires, chafed, etc.

With CD ignitions the problem is more severe so more caution is required. Use a quality hv cap (MSD, etc), and CD quality wires 8mm or larger.

Keep your system dry and clean.

You can also get hv spray or dope used for television systems to make the caps seal better and stop corona. "Anti-corona Spray" is the thing to ask for. This stuff is used on systems to 45kv. You can also wrap the monte carlo bar with glass tape. Get glass tape and anti-corona spray or dope at electronic supply houses.
A temporary could wrap your monte carlo bar with a piece of 3/4" foam pipe insulation ($0.90 for 6') and wait for your curved bar to arrive.
A section of garden hose.
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