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Monte Carlo shorts

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I purchased a straight monte carlo bar for my 73 mustang from mustangs plus and it's too short to fit across my engine bay. I am positive that it is supose to mount between the shock towers and I was thinking maybe I could just make some shims for it. Should I try that or should I try to find a new bar that fits.
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Sounds like they gave you the wrong one. You may have one for a '66 or something. Measure it, I can measure the one on my '67 for comparison. A 71-73 is much wider I believe.
I think the early cars use a 40 inch bar.
If at all possible, I'd find one that fits without shims. It's suppossed to solidfy everything, and IMHO, the shims just add a "weak link" to the puzzle ... also they'll be very obvious and look bad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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