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More Door Hold Open Spring Info.

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Thanks again for the earlier replys on installing the springs. I used the springs full length and they worked out OK. Not having some strong wire available, I used 2 medium duty "Ty-Raps" to hold the spring in compression. I just tightened them as I compressed the spring in the vise, then cut them once the spring was in place. Very easy way to do it.

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Thanks for this post.

I was thinking about how to get this job done just now, and was about to try the wire thing.

Tie raps are wider and are aesier to pull tight, so I'm gonna try that.....


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That's my half completed website that has the mis-information regarding the spring cutting. I'll change it.

The info was gleaned from the old forum BTW, from more than 1 poster. I just assumed it was correct.
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