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More GT-350 Pics

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Hi everyone,

There are 5 more pics (interior and trunk, mostly). Tell me what you see, you GT350 Experts! :)

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Sweet. Congrats Bob. I even like the color.
If you ever need anybody to wash it let me know. LOL
I'm no expert, but I'm drooling on my keyboard - Dicson

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Looks sweet. What's the Shelby #? I can look it up in the Shelby American World Registry if you haven't already.

1966 GT convertible
Sweet car. Always liked white on blue. Two questions: one - I tought radio antennas were rear mounted on Shelby's, or was that only in 1965? Two - where did the little pull handle on the ashtray come from?

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Still looks nice, couple of things I spotted, it has an aftermarket shifter, aftermarket gauges in instrument cluster, wrong brake pedal pad, looks like horn may not work-noticed the little push button switch on left corner of dash and who ever recovered those door panels needs more experience.Also noticed the wheel lock stype lugnuts-I wouldn't be worried about some one stealing the rims and tires, I think if they had any brains they would take the whole car! The owner by the looks of it must have enjoyed driving it more than showing, judging by the mods.Someone asked about the Shelby vin-it is visible in the tag picture.

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Thanks for sharing the pics with us. I love large close up shots like that, especially of shelbys. I only get to see one once or twice a year. And I also like the fact that you seem to post more now than at the old site. Good to have you around.
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Here’s what the registry says for SFM6S2131:

On page 484 is contains this information summary:

SFM6S2131 21
W N - - P - N W 2

This translates [page 431] to :

SFM6S733 = serial number [translation on page 431]
S = Shelby
F = Ford
M = Mustang
6 = Model Year 6 = 1966
S = Street Model
2131 = Consecutive Production Number = starts with 001 and goes through 2378

CRAIG S. & SUSAN BERG AZ = last known owner who lives in Arizona

W N - - P - N W 2 = original features [translation on page 432]

COLOR: W = white (W = white; K = black; B = blue; R = red; G = green)
FACTORY LEMANS STRIPES: N = no (Y = yes; N = no)
TRANSMISSION: ? (4 = 4-spd; A = automatic)
HOOD: ? (1 = all fiberglass; 2 = fiberglass with steel frame; 3 = all steel)
WHEELS: P = 14” painted Magnum 500 (S = 15” steel; C = 15” Shelby/Cragar 5-spoke; T = 14” steel; P = 14” painted Magnum 500; M = 14” chrome Magnum 500; A = 14” aluminum 10-spoke)
TRACTION BARS: ? (O = over-ride; U = under-ride)
PACKAGE SHELF: N = no (Y = yes; N = no)

PRESENT COLOR: W = white, wimbledon white [translation on page 1291]
PRESENT CONDITION: 2 = original/restored [translation on page 18]

21 = Sold originally in Hayward California at Hayward Motors [translation on page 1288]

3/88 = last update to the registry was in March 1988

On page 538, the registry has these footnotes about the car’s history:

“2131. White. Shipped to Hayward Motors (Hayward, CA) 5/16/66. Purchased by Craig S. & Susan Berg (Phoenix, AZ) ’79.”

1966 GT convertible
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Wow, very interesting information. Too bad the blue isn't the original color, I really like it! Is that blue an original shelby color?

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Sexy, Sexy car!

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Yes, that blue is an original Shelby color--sapphire blue. However, this particular car was originally a white car.

1966 GT convertible
Nope.. front mounted (when equipped with a radio) normally on 65-66 and even some 67's. But as expected really raised heck with the signal because of the solid core sparkplug wires on many of these things

Jeff Speegle
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(Had to come back and edit) And again ... no expert just learning like everyone else

Looking at the numbers I was pretty close on my quess ;) Too bad IMHO the original wheels aren't there. Not too many of them around or seen today. By looking at what is posted in the registry it appears that very little information was provided by the most current owners. The color and other information was likel ygotten from an invoice SAAC has in their records (you'll want to get a copy of it if you get the car)

Picking the car apart I would quess you seen all the little things the earlier owners did to change the car (well sort of little things)
steering wheel looks like a Nardi (S?),
shifter, boot and knob
Ash tray handle
horn button on dash
kick panels cracked with wrong hardware
Floor mats
Looks like at least one of the small labels are still on the seat belts
Jumper cables in the back seat :(
Pedal trim
Can't make out the heater duct area ?
Trunk latch is painted over
Wire not "cliped" in the holder
Trunk rod retainer screw not painted
Lot of "nice" fisheyes in the paint in the trunk
ALways the discussion about the stripe paint breaks and painting over items but tank filler should not be blue
In trunk wires were painted over
Valve stems
Of course the spare is on the wrong side and appears to be missing jack, wrench and hold down
Fender bolts painted over
Area behind side scoops painted body color
Side exhaust
Spring cover and Monte Carlo bolts painted over
Thermostat housing not painted
Wrong sending unit, hose clamps, somthing odd on the heater hose near front
Numerous bolts
Radiator and cap
Battery and hold down
Starter cables
Starter switch
Engine wire loom
Fuel pump and lines
Intake manifold bolts
air cleaner , decal (really picky) and wing nut
Upper shock mount bolts (as mentioned by another)
Dist cap and wires
Numerous wire clips
Upper firewall painted black
Various finishes and condition

Is the rear emblem just a poor picture or has it been modified (can't make it out clearly as it appears not to have the normal retangular look) Love the handle added to the ask tray and the horn button :)

Sure I miss a number of things

Tag looks typical

Nice start Bob what will your plans be. Restore it or just use it?

Jeff Speegle
MCA Shelby Gold Card
Mustang & Shelby research, documentation, and help.
Where sharing with one .. means sharing with all
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Hi Bob...thought I would as some stuff that Jeff didn't include but you can possibly use. He was pretty thorough though!

Engine Compartment:
Battery hold down and the cables.
Location of coil should be on the other side.
Thermostat housing not correct...sending unit should be in manifold.
Radiator not correct...should be date coded with formed top.
Should have one large and one small hood spring...drivers side should be small.

Been pretty well documented by Jeff.
The shifter plate is not correct. Should be free floating.

The 10 spokes would look great with some bead blasting.

Yikes they did get a little spray happy with the Sapphire Blue in there!!

Overall it looks to be very nice! All the stuff we have pointed out will only take time and $$ to correct. My car was originally this color and if I ever paint it will return it to this color. I love it!! And I like the exhaust in front of the rear tires....ala the 65's.

BTW I have a date coded (622) restored 715 Le Mans Holley if you are interested. Been keeping it around for sometime. Never installed it on another car I had. I don't know what I would want for it but it would probably work for your production date which would probably be around end of March or April sometime. Just let me know if you are interested and I will come up with a price.

Good luck.

Shelby Man
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