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I'm back at work after an exhausting weekend camping with the family and playing at the Monterey Historics!

We drove south on Highway 1 Thursday, past Monterey to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Spent it and Friday hiking, lounging and playing in the river with family and friends.

Got up at 5:30 am both Saturday and Sunday (this is why I did not drive the GT/CS, didn't think fellow campers would appreciate 300 horsepower through Flowmasters at that hour of the morning!) and started right out for the hour drive back north on Highway 1 to Laguna Seca. Boy, I wish I had driven the GT/CS!

Got together with the rest of the Nor-Cal Shelby Club by seven and started parking cars in the Club Corral. Around nine I had a very embarrassing moment when I stopped a 2003 F150 Lightning as it drove into the Corral area. The driver lowered his tinted window and I started to ask him if he was parking in the Vendor area. Needless to say, I stumbled on the end of my sentence when I finally recognized Mr. Carroll Shelby and his lovely wife Linda! The two of them had fun with it twice more through the weekend kidding me about their lack of credentials as they pulled into the vendor area!

Late Saturday morning some of us Shelby Club guys were talking with a S.C.R.A.M.P. Director (Sports Car Racing Association of Monterey Peninsula - they run Laguna Seca Raceway for the county.) He let us know that they were getting many compliments on the Shelby Club Corral. He thought it was the best-looking Corral he had seen in his 10 year with SCRAMP!

Sunday we pulled of getting about 150 Fast Fords out onto and off of the track for three full lunchtime parade laps in just under 30 minutes. I got to spend about 10 minutes talking with Pete Brock before the parade laps. Tried to get him to commit to attending Mini-Nats, but he still was not sure of his availability. (He was driving the blue continuation Daytona Cobra Coupe at the end of the line). He was going to lead the parade laps, but when Ford got wind of that it all changed. Ford (rightfully so) wanted only Ford or Shelby built vehicles to lead the parade laps. Pete understood completely and was glad to allow Ford the limelight. Down right cool car guy. For those that got a chance on track … thanks for not running over me! I was the moving chicane standing in the middle of turn five trying to get you back into a double file line.

We even had a 1948 Ford tow truck run cleanup for us! This truck was driven to the track Saturday morning by the original owners grandson. The parking gurus sent him down to park in the Club Corral when he came in. Then we parked him at the head of the Corral line. This truck actually performed tow duties at Laguna Seca when it first opened. The kid was just ecstatic when we asked him to participate in Sunday’s parade laps. So much so that he called his Dad that night, told him about the days events and about Sundays Parade laps and asked if he could come back the next day. His Dad was not sure what to make of it, so he came down on Sunday to find out what was going on! He later told me that his son was just speechless from the crowds’ reaction to the truck.

As others have stated the Trans Am guys put on a real show during Saturday race. At one time they were running THREE wide into turn 5. There was one lap where they ran two wide for an entire lap!

Sunday's Formula 1 race was just about as good. First time I've stayed for the F1 race and I'm glad I did. They put on a good show too. There is nothing like standing trackside while an F1 car is under full acceleration!

Both Saturday and Sunday a Ford Tri-Motor flew over the track around lunch time.

Ford static displays were great, but walking the pits and talking with other car nuts made the weekend just great!

I am so ready for Mini-Nats at Sears Point in two weeks. The GT/CS has passed its technical inspection. Just need to install two more sections of rollbar padding, finish the cleaning and a little more polishing. Hope to see many of you there!

Joe P.
1968 Highland Green GT/CS #685
running red group

Dang I had a chance to bumper nudge you on turn five???? :: :: You give great directions. :D :D

And when my wife and I worked the kiosk on at Laguna years ago a colleague stopped a car and demanded a ticket for entry.....the driver was Al Jr. :: My wife vouched for him and they let him in. :D He had to get to work didn't he???
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