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More power steering woes

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My daily driven car has been sidelined for a month now because of my power steering leak. I am out of options and I just want to make it a manual steering car(hows this done?). The alumium part of the return line that connects to the resivoir can't be replaced because FORD pressed it in and that is the part that is craked and leaking. I don't think it can be replaced, Im just screwed I guess. I cant find anybody who makes a resivoir for 71-73 sooo. My question is. Does anybody make a manual steering adapter for my 72 mustang? I see them listed as 65-70. Will they work with some modification on my car? Does anybody here want to sell a non leaky resivoir, with working lines from a 70-73???? somebody help me please, anything. Could I use a 65/66 style resivoir with my pump? Are the return lines in those pressed in? Or do they have fitting? Stupid Ford... Thanks.
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I'm not quite sure what your setup looks like, but it sounds different than mine on my 69 and 67 Fairlane. The line on mine is steel. You're saying yours is aluminum. Is there anyway to have it welded to repair it? Some welding shops can do some pretty amazing things. Again, not sure just what it looks like, just an idea. Good luck with it!
I dont know what I was thinking. Its steel, not aluminum.
why don't you just change the resevoir? They are pretty cheap, and that would fix the problem. I think that I have one in my attic. I would let it go cheap, just to help you out....hate to see someone's car setting for a small problem like that...
If you need it, send me an e-mail. My address is in my bio.
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