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The block itself is a '79 2.6 block. The pistons I have no idea what year they are. The car itself is an '87 Dodge Raider that another friend's neighbor dropped a junkyard engine into a couple of years ago. So I assume that it's quite possible that the block would accept later model pistons but the rings wouldn't work, if one were buying them for a "79" engine? The difference between 2.0 & 1.5mm is fairly substantial, though, when sticking rings in; I would think that if we had the 1.5 type pistons and were trying to stick the old size rings in that they wouldn't fit at all. As it is now, I can hand compress the new rings in the piston grooves so they're run flat along the edges. My friend, though, pulled out the piston that we left hung up in there the other day and said that one edge of the ring was 'stuck' in the piston groove.

Also, camachinist said "I bet you're using a spring compressor and not a tapered one". You're right about that; I thought the same thing but they didn't have any of the tapered ones at the parts store.

Anyway, I'll probably try to swing by there today and put some of these suggestions to work so I'll let everyone know what's going on later. Thanks for the suggestions...

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