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Still seeking opinions about the Route 66 drive. Is it worth the extra time it would take to follow the whole thing. My plan was to pick it up somewhere in Oklahoma and use as much as is practical on the way to San Diego. Also, looking for tips on great roadside diners and attractions that I should look for on my trip. Leaving Maine in mid April, so time is running short. Thanks in advance for your help. front cj.jpg

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I know that there are at least a coupla' books out there on the Route 66 Drive detailing attractions and landmarks along the way. I remember reading one a few years back that gave roads that ran parallel to 66 where it becomes non existent and where to pick it up again. Try Amazon, or do you have a good local library or a "Half- Price Book Store" in your area?
Sounds like a good time, take a lot of pics.

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have you checked out the web page (I swear .... everything has a web page these days). [url] [/url] Has some info for where to stay, eat & things to do along the entire route.

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I love road trips. Would always prefer to take the less traveled route.

Mustangs in Motion trip from Las Vegas to Charlotte for 35th Anniversary followed I-40 along old Rt 66 from Vegas to OK City. We were in our 66 vert.

Here are a few of the better sites I remember.

McD's in Mustang OK right off Interstate 40 that has Mustang-Car decor! Very cool, if you can stand the food!

Route 66 Museum in Elk City, OK - pretty neat historical display.

There's also the Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo. Where the old cars are buried standing upwards like Stone Hedge.

El Dorado Hotel in Gallop, NM is very cool! Historic place with lots of old movie memorabilia. Stars of 20-60's used to stay there when filming westerns in the area. Has an awesome lobby.

Don't miss the meteor crater near Winslow, AZ - where Starman with Jeff Bridges was partially filmed.

Also the petrified desert along I-40 somewhere in either AZ or NM, don't remember which, but it's cool.

Lots of little stops along AZ-NM to buy inexpensive Indian jewelry and sourvenirs.

If you have time a day trip from Flagstaff, AZ to Grand Canyon is definitely worth while!!!

Power Plant Route 66 museum in Kingman, AZ also interesting historical information.

Boulder Dam, between Kingman and Las Vegas, tour is awesome.

There's a few ideas.

Have a great trip.

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