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More timing problems

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Ok, thanks so far for all the help on the timing of my 67' Cougar. I still have a few more questions that I hope you all can help me with. I'm trying to keep pulling the distributor as the absolute LAST resort (shaft keeps falling out). So I tried replacing the points and added a new high performance coil in case it was an ignition problem. Now I can't get her to turn over at all!!! I've checked and rechecked and there is NOTHING I missed. I've also advanced the distributor as far as she'll go and it still won't start. Any suggestions? Also, I would like to see if any of you know somewhat of the specifics to wire placement on the distributor. I'm running a 302 with 351W jr. heads and a .484 lift cam. I've tried timing to 302 specs, moving the wires two over, and 351 specs both clockwise and counterclockwise. So far, none have worked. Thank you to all who can help!!!
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Sorry, I haven't yet seen your earlier post, so that's why I am asking.
What do you mean by "Now I can't get her to turn over at all!!! " What is her, engine or distributor. Does the starter engage? What do you mean "advanced the distributor as far as she'll go" I would think that you can advance distributor as much as you want up to 360 degrees.

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