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In the saga of my horrible under dash wiring (thanks to the PO - how many times have you seen a single wire change colours 4 times in 2 feet) people might recalle recently that I managed to fix my flashing headlight problem. Well, for no aparant reason I am now unable to use front or rear blinkers, and the tail/brake lights dont work again :/
The weirdest part is if I press the emergency flasher button, the in dash lights will flash, and the speed of the flashes will increase till the fuse blows - none of the actual lights will work with a good fuse :/. Im almost at the point where Im going to pull out the whole loom and rewire it so that there is one fuse for each individual item, and a relay setup for the headlights. Ive got a grant steering wheel and what looks like an aftermarket column/column cover. Could it possibly be that the blinker switch in the column is causing these problems?
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