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Mostly 65/66 parts - a few 67/68

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Finally got the basement cleaned up yesterday, so I could inventory the misc. parts I have !

I'll do my best to give an accurate description of each:

- set of raw alum. open letter Cobra valve covers. I suspect these are repros, but they are set up with tall race style breather necks. Include press on caps....
- 1x 3 hole 289 balancer
- 2x 65/66 used seat "hockey sticks"
- 65/66 fastback original /good rear window mouldings - 3 or 4 pieces
- 6x 65/66 deluxe steering wheels - some original, some restored by myself, and cores.
- 2x 65/66 Fastback new repro driprail moulding
- 2x 65/66 rear quarterpanel caps. In primer
- repro new 65/66 plaid trunk mat and jack pac
- Scott Drake new 67/68 exterior screw kit
- 2x new repro 65/66 vent window weatherstripping
- 67/68 new windshield weatherstrip
- 2x old coils - painted "yellow top"
- restored '66 glovebox door
- touched up '66 gas cap
- restored 65/66 gas filler neck
- 2x good used 65/66 black visors
- 2x 66 backup lights
- 2x repainted 65/66 brakelight housings
- good chrome heater control panel
- 66 instrument panel lens - good Fomoco
- Ford Motorsport new press on oil breather cap
- set of yellow Mallory "sprint" 8mm silicone spark plug wires
- misc. 65/66 interior door handles / window cranks
- 2x rubber shifter boots w/ chrome retainers
- 1x set 65/66 fastback seat moulding. Rusted condition - repainted black.
- 1x good 65 accellerator pedal
- 1x good 65 headlight ring
- 2x 66 backup lights
- 1x good 65 heater control panel w/ control wires, etc
- 1x 65/66 standard front "driving light"
- 1x 65 AM radio. No knobs, 1 broken pushbutton
- 1x Ford A/C underdash pod and evaporator. Unrestored.
- 2x 65/66 steering wheels. Rough.

I'm starting my '66 coupe project, which I hope will be somewhat of a street racer / occasional track car. I am interested in trading for fair 65/66 trunklid, fenders, new suspension parts, disc brake parts, 351w parts, misc race parts, full seat pans, anything fun or cool ! Make offers !

PM me here, or email me at [email protected]

Thanks - Dickson
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how much for the windshield weatherstripping and the screw kit for the 68 to [email protected]
sent you a PM
Am restoring 64 1/2 with four speed. Would you have the shift boot with the chrome frame that has four holes in it for bolting to the hump?

I have two ot those. However, I'm not sure if they are original mustang or not (they were on previous cars). Could be aftermarket - but both are in OK condition. Dickson
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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