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I dont know of one but the best way would be to remove the center trans mount bolt(s), place a wood block on a floor jack and jack up the tranny to get to the 2 mounting bolts. Remove the bolts and mount and install in reverse order. I have changed motor mounts by removing the bolts to the frame and jacking up one side of the motor at a time. Do one side, reinstall and bolt back to the frame and then do the other side. PITA but can be done...

· reference to a web site, but I did the same job on my '65 with a floor jack and a couple of pieces of wood. For the motor mounts, I put the front end up on jack stands, loosened the mounts, and jacked up the motor gingerly with a section of 2x6 between my stock oil pan and the floor jack.

Good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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